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Rapid Response Bio Clean: A Culture of Safe Practices

Job safety at Rapid Response has always been at the forefront because of the nature of the materials we can encounter on our clean ups.

We have grown to north of one hundred and fifty employees and this growth has happened at a very fast rate. The OSHA standard for safety meetings is one per month. We average two per week.

Given the broad spectrum of duties we perform the Personal Protective Equipment required varies widely and the need for training on it's proper use is constant. It's an investment in a workforce that is ready to take on your task effectively and responsibly.

Our competition in the form of the big national outfits have mastered compliance by way of paperwork but do you think their concerns are with their employees that are thousands of miles away?


Our workers know we care because we prove it on a daily basis. We will get your job done and you will rest easy knowing they have industry leading protection against infection/exposure.

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